Makita Job Site Radio - BMR100


Site radio which accepts any slide or cluster Makita battery or mains power.

Standard Equipment: AC power adaptor

Power Supply: AC power adaptor DC12v (included), cluster battery 9.6 - 18v (not included), slide battery 9.6 - 24v (not included)
Frequency: FM 87.5 - 108Mhz, AM 522 - 1629kHZ (9 kHz/step)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 10 1/2" x 6 1/2" 12 1/7"
Shower proof
Alarm clock
Bump resistant


Makita enters the popular music-on-site market with the advanced BMR100 radio – a rugged and robust twin channel radio unit that has a powerful 5 watts output and a wide AM/FM frequency band.

Designed to survive in the harsh outdoor construction site environment, the new Makita radio has a moulded ABS casing with neoprene end panel protectors, chrome control panel ‘bull-bars’ for protection and an anti-shock loudspeaker system. Weighing just 4.2kg – substantially lower than other branded products, the Makita BMR100 has a retractable handle grip for ease of carrying, a sprung antennae aerial and a digital push button channel selection system. A single rotating control adjusts both sound volume and frequency selection.

The Makita BMR100 site radio covers the FM band from 87.5 to 108 MHz and the AM range from 520 to 1710 kHz – enough frequency capacity to cover most national, local and special interest stations broadcast throughout the UK.

Whilst most site radios resemble the notorious ‘Ghetto Blaster’ needing to be lugged around on broad shoulders, the BMR100 delivers a mighty 5 watts of output yet measures 30cm h, 16.5cm w and 26.5cm deep.

Virtually any type of power will enable the BMR100 to keep you company on site. A mains adapter is included in the package, dropping 240v AC to 12v DC. Makita NiCAD and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries of 9.6v, 12v, 14.4v and 18v can be used, as too can the 9.6v – 24v range of MakStar slide batteries. Whatever you have on site to power your Makita tools will also give you music, news, weather and sports. It’s top of the pops from the Makita BMR100.

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