Electronic Pest Control 3788
Electronic Pest Control

STV The Big Cheese Sonic Mouse & Rat Repeller - STV717


Plug-in pest control for home protection 24/7 using ultrasonic sound waves. Protects 400 square feet (37 square metres) and safe for use around cats and dogs. Maintenance-free, low cost operation. Test button and halo-red LED for easy checking.

Product code: STV717

STV The Big Cheese Advanced Pest Repeller Mouse & Rats - STV789


Plug in pest control for home use. Combines swept ultrasound and electromagnetic action to drive out rodent pests. Inaudible to humans, cats and dogs and safe for use around children. EMC pulses through wiring to reach nest sites within walls, ceilings and floor cavities. Test button and halo-red LED indicator.

Product code: STV789