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Arrow Heavy-Duty Brad Staple Tacker T50PBN - ARRT50PBN


The heavy-duty all purpose nail gun has a powerful compression spring action which drives heavy-duty staples into all types of woods, plastics and even soft metals. All steel construction, chrome finish high carbon hardened steel working parts. Staple size: ¼", 5/16", 3.8", ½", 9/16" and 17/32". Nail size: 5/8" (15mm).

Manufacturer code: T50PBN

Stanley 0TR250 Heavy-Duty Staple And Nail Gun - STA0TR250


The Stanley 0TR250 is a heavy-duty stapler / nail gun and is fitted with and easy push handle that will penetrate the staple or nail into the workpiece with ease. The pinch point free design helps to protect cables so that they do not to get crushed on application.

This Stanley 0TR250 has an aluminium cast housing for greater durability and strength, is fitted with Hi-Lo adjustment to match density of materials and has easy access staple and brad insertion for faster loading.

This staple and nail gun has a lock down handle system fitted to the 0TR250 for easy and neat storage. It will accept heavy-duty staples and brads for multiple applications from cable laying, upholstery work, fencing, architrave fitting and much more.

Manufacturer code: 0-TR250

Rapid Heavy-Duty Staple Gun With Free Glue Gun - RPDR34 / XMS14STAPLE

Special offer price until 20.12.14 or while stocks last

Rapid R34 new hand tacker with handy glue gun.

The Tacker has an all steel construction and a new unique low pressure trigger.

Takes 140 series staples 6mm – 14mm.

Rapid's new unique low pressure trigger make the tacker so easy to use, reduces stress to the hand and delivers accurate driving of the staples with hardly any kick back, the tacker takes 140 series staples from 6mm to 14mm and is manufactured from high quality steel, the tacker also has an adjustable pressure switch to ensure the staples can cope with all hard or soft materials.

The Rapid Point Glue Gun is an ideal gun for DIY craft work. It can be used cordless for 3-4 minutes before reconnecting to a detachable cable to power source for flexible use.

Uses 7mm glue sticks.

Input Power: 10 (80W). Tip Diameter: 0.5mm.

Manufacturer code: RPDR34

Rapid Heavy Duty Staple Gun with Extra Staples - XMS15STAPLE

Special offer price until 20.12.15 or while stocks last

The Rapid R34 Professional general purpose heavy-duty Tacker is a powerful tacker, made of a fully steel construction, and with a long life mechanism capable of over 100,000 firings. Fires 6mm-14mm staples.

The R34 fits comfortably into the hand and has no recoil making it easy to use for long periods if required. It has an adjustable drive force for securing on to hard or soft materials and to assist driving long staples.

Recommended for securing ceiling tiles, insulation materials, plastic sheeting, fitting carpets, etc.

Supplied with a pack of 10mm staples.

Manufacturer code: XMS15STAPLE