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Master Lock Key Safe With Light - MLK5404E / 5404EURD

Special offer price until 28.02.16 or while stocks last

A single key securing unit which is protected by a heavy zinc alloy case. The 4 digit resettable combination code and a cover plate ensures hi-security. When the cover is lifted, an integrated LED light illuminates the dials for ease of use at night. The key is secured in the base of the unit so that it cannot fall out. Wall mount design for permanent installation. Sized to easily fit between storm door and entry door or other small spaces.

Manufacturer code: 5404EURD

Masterlock Large Key Safe 5403EURD - MLK5403E

Special offer price until 28.02.16 or while stocks last

Large easy to set 4 digit combination key safe with hundreds of multiple code options. Handy combination portable key safe (great for holidays or car). This MasterLock 5403E can be used both inside and outside the home, office, worksite or anywhere that restricted or safe access is required. It is weather resistant.

Internal dimensions: 117mm x 79mm x 42mm.

Manufacturer code: 5403EURD / MLK5403E