Grouting 3276

Vitrex Tile Wash Kit - VIT102905


The easy way to wash grouted tiles. Large 11 litre container with integral roller for wringing out. Lightweight float with heavy-duty foam sponge - ideal for cleaning large areas quickly.

Manufacturer code: 102905

Vitrex Tile Wash Float 11" x 5.5" - VIT102915


Lightweight float with heavy-duty foam sponge. Ideal for cleaning large areas of freshly grouted tiles.

Sponge dimensions: 280 x 140mm.

Manufacturer code: 102915

Vitrex Grout Clean Up And Polishing Kit - VIT102912


The easy way to clean and polish tiles. Four interchangeable pads to suit most applications, including the removal of excess grout and grout film.

Manufacturer code: 102912

Vitrex Dual-Purpose Grouting Sponge - VIT102913


Large 2-in-1 sponge ideal for cleaning and polishing tiles. Rounded edges to prevent accidental removal of fresh grout.

Manufacturer code: 102913

Vitrex Large Grouting Sponge - VIT102904


Heavy-duty sponge for removing excess grout from tiles.

Manufacturer code: 102904

Vitrex Grout Rake - VIT102420


Tungsten carbide grit edged blade for longer life. Durable nylon handle designed for extra grip. For removing old and discoloured grout.

Manufacturer code: 102420

Vitrex Heavy-Duty Grout Rake - VIT102422


The Vitrex 102422 Heavy-Duty Grout Rake is the ideal tool for removing old and discoloured grout. The tungsten carbide grit edged blade provides increased working life.

Manufacturer code: 102422

Vitrex Grout Finisher - VIT102280


Double ended tiling tool. Ball end produces a neat grout line. Scraper end for removing excess grout. Easy to clean.

Manufacturer code: 102280

Vitrex Tile Re-Grouting Kit - VIT102285


Gives your tiles a fresh new look. Remove cracked or discoloured grout quickly and easily. Contents: Grout Rake, Combination Spreader/Squeegee, Grout Finisher, Sponge.

Manufacturer code: 102285

Faithfull Rubber Grouter 210mm x 110mm / 8 3/4" x 4 1/2" - FAIGROUTER

Buy 5 or more for £11.62 each

Rubber grouter for applying grout between tiles. This specialist tool features a smooth rubber face cemented to a foam rubber with a moulded polyurethane backing for rigidity.

Size: 8.75" x 4.5" (215mm x 110mm)

Product code: FAIGROUTER

Marshalltown Tile Grouters Float 225mm x 100mm / 9" x 4" - MT43 / M43

Buy 5 or more for £21.53 each

Designed specifically for grouting this float incorporates bevelled edges, the two front corners are rounded for ease of spreading.

Size: 9" x 4" (225mm x 100mm)

Manufacturer code: M43

Vitrex Soft Grip Grout Float - VIT102901


The Vitrex 102901 Soft-Grip Grout Float is high-quality, installer grade, making it ideal for professional installers, as well as DIY applications. The grout float has a blue, cushioned soft grip handle for extra user comfort. It features a premium latex face laminated to lightweight foam core, and is the ideal tool for grouting large areas.

Manufacturer code: 102901