Xtend And Climb Pro Telescopic Ladder 3.75m - XTCPRO / 1303-010


Xtend & Climb ladders have been designed to be compact enough to store in the most confined areas - under the stairs, in cupboards, car boots and even under the bed. How many extension ladders can do that? Above all the Xtend & Climb is designed to be safe and easy to use - allowing the user to open one rung at a time, where necessary, to get you to the exact height needed. The anodised finish means you wont get dirty hands when using Xtend & Climb - unlike traditional ladders.

New beefed-up ergonomic design. Smoother & more comfortable adjustment. New red/green indicators show when rung is locked for safe climbing. 12-rungs. Closed height - 0.81m (2.65ft), Open height - 3.75m (12.3ft), Width - 0.47m (1.54ft), Weight - 13.7kg, Work load capacity - 150kg (23.5 stone). Padded carry handle. Velcro strap. EN131 Certificated.

Manufacturer code: 1303-010