15m Tape Measures 3197
15m Tape Measures

RST Fibreglass Tape Measure Plastic Case - Available In Lengths: 10m/33ft, 15m/50ft, 20m/66ft, 30m/100ft, 50m/165ft, Blade Width: 13mm - RSTRDM01, RSTRDM02, RSTRDM03, RSTRDM04, RSTRDM05

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Fibreglass tape 13mm wide in black ABS plastic case with flush fitting winding handle. The tape is marked metric and imperial, in black and red with a folding stainless steel end claw. Tape: Fibreglass. Blade width: 13mm.

Available in either of the following lengths: 10m/33ft, 15m/50ft, 20m/66ft, 30m/100ft, 50m/165ft

Manufacturer codes: RDM01, RDM02, RDM03, RDM04, RDM05