10m Tape Measures Pocket 3147
10m Tape Measures Pocket

Stanley FatMax XL Tape Measure - Available In Lengths: 5m/16ft, 8m/26ft, 10m/33ft, Blade Width: 32mm - STA533886, STA533891, STA533896 (5-33-886, 5-33-891, 5-33-896)


The 32mm wide blade will stand out and support itself to nearly 4m, which makes measuring up on your own much easier.

Mylar coating on the entire length of the blade protects the markings from wear and is especially useful if you get sand or dirt on the blade. The Mylar coating makes the blade 10 times more resistant to abrasion. Blade Armor protection for 2 x longer blade life. Unique plastic coating protects the first 15cm, where the tape suffers most wear and tear.

Chrome case with rubber grip - heavy-duty, slip-resistant casing with easy-grip rubber moulding.

40% stronger hook construction - 3 rivet hook gives extra strength and prevents breakage on rewind. Specially designed hook - hook grabs on the side, top and bottom of hook for extra versatility. Plus, the hook moves in or out to compensate for internal and external measurements. Top forward blade lock - for reliable locking and unlocking with a really positive feel.

Easy read numbers - wide blade allows quicker, easier reading measurement.

Available in either of the following lengths: 5m/16ft, 8m/26ft, 10m/33ft

Manufacturer code: 5-33-886, 5-33-891, 5-33-896

Stanley Powerlock Tape Measure Length 10m/33ft, Blade Width: 25mm - STA033443 / 0-33-443


Spring return 1" wide, durable, chrome plated plastic case. Unique Mylar coating protects three colour blade graphics for up to 10 times normal life. 3-rivet hook, mounted on metal plate, eliminates hook breakage. Tru-Zero hook. Automatic blade return with thumb operated lock. Detachable steel belt clip.

Length: 10m/33ft

Manufacturer code: 0-33-443