Slotted Screwdriver Sets 3097
Slotted Screwdriver Sets

Stanley FatMax XL Slotted Screwdriver 6 Piece Set - STA566297 / 5-66-297


Superior chrome vanadium steel bar allows for huge torque and reduces the chance of tip breakage. Anti-slip mix of smooth & textured panels, perfect combination of great grip plus reduced fatigue. Colour coded ends for easy identification of the right screwdriver for each screw type. Smooth domed end for fast spinning action, speed and comfort. Large diameter handle offers greater torque needed for driving wood screws. Pinched waist for more detailed work where precision adjustment is key. Handle moulded direct to bar, virtually unbreakable bond. Highly reliable and providing extra long life. Treated tip for ultimate torque.

6 piece Slotted set contains: Parallel: 2.5mm x 50mm, 3mm x 75mm, 4mm x 100mm, 5.5mm x 125mm - Flared: 6.5mm x 150mm, 8mm x 175mm

Manufacturer code: 5-66-297